Big Surprise

I have a lovely Kindle Fire and recently discovered a remarkable free “App” called “Laudate.” (See ).

In any case, I was browsing around and began to read the Catholic Catechism, which can be found as a link on the “app.”

Big surprise.  I had always thought of the Catechism as a book of rules, and had never before thought of reading it through like a regular book.  To me that would have been as silly as reading the Arizona Revised Statutes from cover to cover.  Who wants to read a book of rules?

But what a shock!  The Catechism is not a book of rules.  It is sheer unadulterated absolutely exquisite poetry.  It is just beautiful.  In fact, I was blown away by its beauty.

As an example, let’s start with Chapter One:



I. The Desire for God

27 The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself. Only in God will he find the truth and happiness he never stops searching for……..”

(see or )

Why had I never done this before? Why had I never tried?  What more could I read on a daily basis that could possibly matter more than the first things that this book talks about? This book holds the key to the meaning of existence — why had I not bothered to look before?

Check it out the “app” online at

or go here for the Catholic Catechism online:

Happy Reading! :-)