This site is informational only. I will never, ever sell you anything or ask for money.

In “Why You Should Care About the Catholics,” I see a link to some “buy solar” ad—please do not click on it and especially, don’t buy anything from it. The link to the article is different and can be clicked on. But do not go anywhere that offers a product for sale. I sell nothing, and these people are utterly unscrupulous. That caveat goes for any part of this site that tries to sell you something. Don’t fall for it! :-)

These people are not related to my site in any way and most likely it will be a scam.

I am having a bit of trouble with scammers/ spammers right now. I’ve just learned that trying to publish something on the Internet is a little bit like living in a really bad neighborhood. Only this neighborhood is worldwide and involves experienced hackers (I’ve traced it to somewhere slightly west of China), so you have career criminals trying to hijack sites, looking for any weakness, crawling through whatever coding loopholes/portholes they can find to sell you solar–or rather, pretend to sell you solar or any ruse that they can conjure up to get access to your bank accounts.

Don’t fall for it! Buy nothing!