Here are a few resources that will tell you more about our beautiful Catholic Church!

1) Papal Encyclicals Online —

2) The Catholic Catechism circa 1994. It is out of print, so you will need to buy a copy from Amazon (dot com) or Abebooks (dot com)  or another used bookseller.

3) CCEL — Christian Classics Ethereal Library  —

Home to a number of online Christian classics

4) I will come back with a bigger list, but here are ways to find and read Christian classics for free:

Project Gutenberg (Gutenberg dot org)

Librivox (Librivox dot org)

Catholic dot com

New Advent dot org (an online encyclopedia of Church teachings including the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Church Fathers, Summa Theologica (St. Thomas Aquinas) and more).

Come Pray the Rosary ( (A beautiful online rosary that allows you to pray with other people around the world and ask for prayers. A wonderful site!  Although you must be on a computer to access this site, if you Google “come pray the rosary” and go to youtube, you can get the rosary for the day already recorded for you and can pray along).

Catholic Saints —- Catholic dot org search saints