They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone…..”

I remember reading an article about Lawrence Lader, one of the architects of the diabolical pro-abortion movement which has killed over 60-million people since 1974, a death toll that is right up there with Communism in its genocidal impact. Lader may have loved killing small children, but the thing he hated most, his arch-enemy, was the Catholic church.

It made me proud to be a Catholic. The Catholic church is the most beautiful gift to mankind — continuity since Jesus Christ founded her thousands of years ago, the communion of the most incredible Saints, and most of all, Communion with Jesus Christ Himself at the Mass. The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist is a precious gift that I have always taken for granted, a gift that boggles my mind in its generosity, its beauty, in its lavish bestowal of Divine Love for humanity.

It stands to reason that the one institution that could stand up to the princes and principalities of darkness would be the Catholic church. It is a sign of real goodness to be hated by evil.

So it was, and so, I thought, it always would be. There were so many things to a kid growing up in America that seemed so solid, so unchangeable, so permanent. Yet one bioweapon assault later, the world seems to be standing on shifting sand, and everything appears to be falling apart.

It is not the fault of the church, nor did any of this happen overnight. And I will not go into the details of what is wrong, nor will I leave this beautiful church. I feel very sad that I didn’t see the infiltration into so many institutions through the years, nor was aware—or perhaps I should say, awake—to the subterfuge of so much good.

But I am aware now. And I know on the human level who to trust and who not to trust. The book of John is very instructive on “what Jesus would do” when confronted by false shepherds within the church.

People are human, and sometimes good countries have bad leaders, just as good churches have bad leaders. But that does not make the countries nor the churches bad themselves.

I expect much worse in the future. No one who could betray the poor martyrs for Christ in China, who could openly wield a stang and call it a cross, who could preach about the poor but align with the handful of super-rich who are attempting the ultimate colonialist coup, intending to impoverish and control the whole world, and the one who could turn a blind eye to the murders of little children by promoting those who openly and brazenly orchestrate their deaths could be up to any good.

I see where all of this is going, and I do not expect to like it. Nor do I expect to believe those who try to appear benign. Matt. 10:28. You may kill my body, but I will keep my soul, thank you very much. As the world is swimming in 1984-style propaganda, people are beginning to become propaganda weary. Those who love the truth still love the truth, and the more that it is being crushed by those at the top, the more precious the truth has become to the people who love her. The more that evil tries to crush truth, the more that the truth grows. Just as the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the faith, the proliferation of evil results in the triumph of good. The light shines best in the darkness

Just one more thought. God wins. Remember the moment that Satan thought he had destroyed Jesus—the moment he thought that he had finally conquered God once and for all? That was actually the moment that Satan lost it all, everything and death lost its sting forever. God wins. God always wins.

What is happening now, I don’t understand. But I do understand that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. I do understand that our future is in God’s hands and He always takes what is bad and brings good out of it. We were meant for this time, made for this time, and our only mission in life is to do the will of God—to follow Him completely. I trust in Jesus, I trust in God. And whatever else happens, all will be well in the end.